Early Access Salty Raspberry

A new standard of purposefully salty hydration drink mix. Made with natural ingredients, less than 0.5g sugar per serve and the key electrolytes you need to thrive. Deliciously sweet and salty hydration. True hydration starts here.

  • 1000mg sodium
  • 210mg potassium
  • 70mg magnesium

  • Less than 0.5g sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners

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Format: Tubs
Size: 30 Serves (1 x 30 serve)
Sale price$63.90 AUD



Vital to both human performance and survival. regulates body fluids, normal nerve and muscle function along with the absorption of all other minerals.

Sodii uses a sodium chloride (salt) sourced from an ancient salt lake, known as Lake Deborah in Western Australia.



Maintains fluid balance in blood plasma, cells and extracellular fluid. Key to nerve signalling, muscle contractions and maintenance of blood pressure.

Sodii uses a potassium chloride. A common form of potassium known for its absorption.



Essential to many physiological functions in humans, including the body's ATP energy system, muscle contraction, relaxation and neurological function.

Not all electrolytes are created equal

Most electrolyte products available don't contain enough key electrolytes to truly feel the difference of proper hydration.

Sodii contains 4x the amount of electrolytes than most products in Australia, making it the most effective electrolyte on the market.


1000mg Sodium

210mg Potassium

70mg Magnesium

Sports Drinks

< 180mg Sodium

< 89mg Potassium

0mg Magnesium

Most Electrolyte Powders

< 300mg Sodium

<150mg Potassium

20mg Magnesium

Coconut Water

64mg Sodium

500mg Potassium

60mg Magnesium