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A purposefully salty hydration drink mix made with quality ingredients. Made with natural ingredients, less than 0.5g sugar per serve and the key electrolytes you need to thrive. Deliciously sweet and salty hydration. True hydration starts here.

  • 1000mg sodium
  • 210mg potassium
  • 70mg magnesium

Australia's Highest Rated Electrolyte

Customer Reviews

Based on 1448 reviews
Sharon W. (QLD)
Sample packs

A great way, as a first time sodii consumer, to decide which flavours are the best for me. My fave - citrus and passionfruit!!

Laura (VIC)
Will be a lifetime customer - great for POTS

Really love Sodii. Had it recommended by my physio as I’ve been experiencing POTS symptoms and Sodii has way more sodium that competitors, and a good dose of magnesium which is good for my body. So tasty! Not too salty at all. I think the raspberry is my favourite flavour, I also really enjoyed the pineapple flavour. Honestly such a great way to get your electrolytes in it’s tasty and mixes well and really effective. I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I’ve been having Sodii sachets in my water every day.

Nat (NSW)
Love taking my Sodii daily!

I love using Sodii daily! Its made a big difference in my energy levels.

Ally B. (QLD)

I like that they are not overly sugary tasting like normal electrolytes!!
Will definitely purchase again :)

Lilly (NSW)
Very Berry

Tastes amazing with just only 300m of water 🤩

alisa (SA)
Tastes good

Easy to drink and have noticed a difference in my energy level already


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Made with Lake Deborah Ancient Lake Salt.

The main ingredient and core of our Everyday Hydration Salts is our Salt sourced from Lake Deborah, WA. An ancient lake that has formed over millions of year, Lake Deborah remains one of the most pure forms of salts available, due to the absence of heavy metals, micro-plastics and other pollutants from modern environments.


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