We are on a mission to improve human health and hydration. 

80% of Australians are dehydrated

With 80% of Australians walking around dehydrated, there is a big chance you're one of them. Whilst the importance of water in the hydration equation is widely known and discussed, sodium is often overlooked as an essential nutrient the body needs to thrive. We are here to set the record straight, about salt and hydration in a bold effort to improve the health of many.

The world has enough shit stuff

So we decided to make something good, that does good.

When it comes to the electrolyte drink market, there is certainly no shortage of selection, only, how many truly grasp the concept of an electrolyte supplement, their application in everyday life and the optimal ratios of minerals needed to make an impact in ones health. Not many.

The salty truth

Salt plays a pivotal role in the health of human beings and has done for millions of years, although somewhere along the line, we forgot about that. For years the health and performance benefits of adequate sodium, magnesium and potassium consumption has been overlooked, along with the huge repercussions of a diet lacking salt and conversely, loaded with processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Together, with science, we are re-writing the narrative of salt, in a bold effort to show how it can improve human health and optimise the lives of many.

Made up of up to 75% salt water, humans are walking talking oceans.

With 15g of sodium circulating through the bloodstream, supporting vital organs and bodily functions. In Australia, it’s not uncommon for an average active, healthy individual to lose up to 3 teaspoons of salt during the day thanks to exercise, work, diet and lifestyle. Putting those essential electrolytes back in becomes critical for optimal health and hydration. Sodii contains all the electrolytes you need to thrive and nothing you don’t in one little sachet, and is the perfect way to hydrate when combined with water.