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Very quick delivery great produc

Very quick delivery great product


Just ordered another batch and was given free shipping the time frame was 2-8 business days. It’s arrived within 24hrs. Add that to the list of things to like about this brand and community

Great product

Supporting my hydration and not causing and gut issues.

Taste Great but Be Careful

If you are sensitive to high dose of magnesium, you have experience the diarrhea. Otherwise, the flavor is great and not very sweet. It is good for diabetes.

Salty and sweet

Was sceptical so tried a sample pack of flavours and they were surprisingly good! Have subsequently invested in some tubs of all the flavours.

Love citrus

I have Pots and needs a little extra salt every day, sodii has helped so much! I absolutely love their salty citrus.


Made a huge difference to me I feel great after being on Sodii for a month - looking forward to the long term

My Daily Ritual

I’ve been taking Sodii for a couple of years & I can’t live without it! It helps with performance before my workouts, replenish after, cognitive function, headaches & dreaded hangovers lol I’ll forever be a salty human 😊

I suffer from heart palps and found this settles them down after an intense training session 🙏

Tastes good!

It's the right balance and it tastes great.

Love my salty

Love this product have them every day and the fact it’s an Australian company is another reason why I buy this product

Sodii Sample Pack

Really tasty and delicious, these are the nicest mineral salts I have tasted, so easy to drink, salty citrus and salty berry flavours are my favourite 🍊🍋🍓🫐🧂🧂

Sodii customer

My husband has prostate cancer and the meds he has to take for that plus hormone blockers makes him have full on hot sweats to the point that his body cramps out all night long. Since we have started using Sodii it has really helped to minimise these symptons. Not to mention my headaches have stopped. Unfortunately for us we haven,t been able to afford anymore for a bit so all started up again. Hopefully within the next month we can start again. Love this product so much and keep telling my friends about it.

I love this stuff!

! I went from having a headache and feeling lethargic to feeling good and headache free. I highly recommend this product for adults. My kids find it a bit much however I think if I half the dose they will love it.

Cleanest, tastiest, healthiest on the market!

After researching electrolytes available on the market, there were so many with hidden nasties that I just wasn’t willing to ingest as regularly as I require hydration with daily intense gym training and hot yoga. It’s hard to find a healthy and reasonably priced product that you don’t have to source from overseas. So happy to have found Sodii products that taste delicious without that sickeningly sweet taste that so many of its competitors have. And, to top it all off the customer experience has been phenomenal with immediate response and next day delivery! Nothing to fault here! Recommending to fam and friends! Thank you :)

Top Notch

Salty goodness.

Good for my pots

I have pots and have been using sodii every day for a few months now. It's a great way for me to get my sodium in each day and keep my electrolytes up
Also tastes really good!! My favourite is the salty Berry:)

Sensational Product

Easy drinking with no overpowering taste. I can also mix up a sachet, and if I don't drink it all at once, it doesn't settle on the bottom of the glass when I got to drink it later.


I ordered the citrus flavour, it is too sweet for me. Included in my order was a sample
sachet of grapefruit & that is the flavour I will order next time

Can't get enough of this stuff!

Absolutely in love with this product! Finally, an Aus-based brand offering a quality hydration product made with genuinely health promoting ingredients.

I normally forget to hydrate but since Sodii, I easily drink down an entire bottle of water within the first part of the day (and without needing to use the loo every 5min). So not only is this helping me to drink more, it also helps me to retain hydration too.

10/10 recommend!

Great taste, help with energy and blood pressure

Love the taste and these electrolytes are the missing piece to hydration and energy. They have also helped with low blood pressure/dizziness on standing. I take first thing in the morning and like the hydration boost before coffee.

Great product . . . so glad I came across it on the Insta feed

I started taking Sodii daily a few months ago and now have my husband and our daughter hooked as well. I run and lift weights and have always taken some form of electrolytes and I have switched to Sodii because of the all natural ingredients. I no longer suffer from dizziness and feel so much more hydrated. My husband rides and lift weights and has always suffered from cramping and has not had one since starting which is a real game changer for him. Our favorite flavors are the lemon and pineapple. Couldn't recommend more highly.

Salty Lemon

10/10 flavour, refreshing with ice cold water.

Keeps me hydrated pre, during and post exercise!

Thirst Quenching!

I recently moved to the tropics and was really knocked around with the humidity. I was drinking water but it wasn't enough to keep up with the amount of sweat I was producing. Sodii has been a life saver, keeping me nicely hydrated and replacing all those lost salts, no matter how much I sweat. And I love the flavours, salty grapefruit is my fave.