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A new standard of purposefully salty hydration drink mix. Made with natural ingredients, less than 0.5g sugar per serving, and the key electrolytes you need to thrive. Deliciously sweet and salty hydration. True hydration starts here.  Read More.

Stay Healthy with Sugar-Free Electrolytes

Electrolyte hydration products are full of replenishing, fluid-balancing, and muscle-soothing salts. So when you mix your powder, you'll discover that it does, indeed, taste a bit salty.

Some brands add heaps of sugar to their electrolytes to mask the salty taste - but excess sugar itself can cause more problems and is often counterproductive - especially for athletes who choose to use a separate carbohydrate source.

To combat that issue, Sodii has created a science-led formula of optimally blended sodium, magnesium, and potassium while using natural flavourings to balance that saltiness. This sugar-free electrolyte powder contains the nutrients you need in a clean, healthy drink with no nasty additives.

On top of being a highly rated sugar-free electrolyte powder in Australia, Sodii sources salt naturally from Australian lakes rich in trace minerals essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, not often found in heavily processed salt. 

Electrolyte Powder: No Sugar, Great Taste

Balancing the salty and sweet flavours to create a sugar-free hydration powder takes passion, dedication, and a deep appreciation for the well-being of our customers. If the product doesn’t taste quite right, it’ll sit at the back of the cupboard - and not in your cup.

That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to creating a great-tasting electrolyte powder - with no sugar. Because we use natural flavourings and organic stevia leaf extract to enhance the electrolyte experience, each serving contains less than 0.5g of sugar. 

We source our salts from Lake Deborah, located in Western Australia. Formed over millions of years ago when an ancient sea dried up, this serene location is rich in the salts we need for improved health. while being free from modern contaminants such as pollution and microplastics. The natural weather cycle helps bring the salt deposits to the surface, where they can be sustainably harvested for use in our sugar-free hydration powder.

Choosing Sodii Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drink for Improved Health and Performance

Here at Sodii, we believe you should have a choice when it comes to the flavour of your electrolytes. So many brands focus on just a small selection - but with us, you have 7 options to choose from.

Our electrolyte powders are flavoured using natural ingredients, with no added sugar - and no added artificial flavourings either. We also understand that not everyone enjoys the sweet and salty balance of fruity flavours - so we also offer flavourless electrolytes.

Flavourless electrolyte powder can be mixed and consumed as is, for a salty drink that’ll hydrate your whole body from head to toe. You could also add it to a fruity drink of your choice or add a few drops of lemon/lime juice to balance the saltiness to your liking while giving it a little zesty zing.

Whether you would like to try flavoured or unflavoured electrolytes, Sodii gives you the greatest choice available. You can order a small number of hydration powder sachets or purchase in bulk for taking your electrolytes on the go. You can even choose your favourite flavoured or unflavoured electrolyte powder in a convenient tub (1=30 servings).

If you’re searching for the perfect powder that tastes just right for you, why not try our sample pack? You can try out all the flavours before placing your order for a larger volume.

Order now to try the top-rated sugar-free electrolytes in Australia and discover the difference that natural sources and a science-led formula can make to your day. Read Less

  • 1000mg sodium
  • 210mg potassium
  • 70mg magnesium

  • Less than 0.5g sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Made with Australian lake salt

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Flavour: Salty Pineapple
Size: 30 Serves (1 tub)
Sale price$63.90



Vital to both human performance and survival. regulates body fluids, normal nerve and muscle function along with the absorption of all other minerals.

Sodii uses a sodium chloride (salt) sourced from an ancient salt lake, known as Lake Deborah in Western Australia.



Maintains fluid balance in blood plasma, cells and extracellular fluid. Key to nerve signalling, muscle contractions and maintenance of blood pressure.

Sodii uses a potassium chloride. A common form of potassium known for its absorption.



Essential to many physiological functions in humans, including the body's ATP energy system, muscle contraction, relaxation and neurological function.

Australias highest rated electrolyte product.

We love hearing what all of our customers have to say about their experience with Sodii and how it has benefited their lives. With over 1,000 5 Star reviews and growing, we're one of Australia's highest rated electrolyte products.

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Less than 0.5g sugar

Naturally sweetened, with no added sugar, meaning there is less than 0.5g per serving.

100% refund promise

We stand by our products ability to truly make a positive impact in your day to day. If you aren't satisfied, simply return your unused sachets for a full refund, and we will enjoy them for you!

100% Australian made

Sodii is proudly made and owned in Australia using Australian ancient lake salt.

Made with Australian ancient lake salt

Lake Deborah Salt

We source our salt from Lake Deborah Pure Lake Salt from Western Australia. Lake Deborah is a +5 million year old salt lake, free from modern contaminants such as micro-plastic and air pollution and rich in trace minerals.

5 million years old

Naturally formed

Lake Deborah has evolved over the last five million years by westerly winds carrying dissolved salt minerals in sea spray 500 km inland and depositing them in old river valleys. Free from modern pollutants, these preserved salt deposits at Lake Deborah are created naturally by the Wind, the Rain and the Sun.

Salt in it's purest form

In winter, rain dissolves part of the lake’s crust and draws brine to the surface.

As the summer sun evaporates the brine, a new crop of salt crystals form on the surface of the lake. When all the water content of the brine has evaporated and the new season's crop of white salt crystals have dried, the salt crystals are harvested from the dried surface of the lake.

Why Lake Deborah Salt?

High in trace minerals

As one of the most pure forms of salt, it’s is also high in trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iodine and calcium, all vital to human health and performance, making it the perfect salt for our Everyday Hydration Salts!

Low pollutants

The preserved salt deposits in Lake Deborah are produced naturally by the Wind, Rain, and Sun and are free of modern pollution. Due to its location away from civilisation, the ocean and harvesting techniques, our salt remains pollutant, micro-plastic and nasty chemical free

100% Australian

Located in Western Australia, it is one Australia's oldest and most pure forms of salt.

Backed by professionals

Don't just take our word about the importance of sodium.

Jessica Turton

Founder of Ellipse Health, Dietitian & Nutritionist
Sodium is an essential nutrient that we could not live without! Sodium is needed for hydration, energy production, digestion, nutrient absorption, reproduction, muscle function, bone health, and so much more! Many individuals are unnecessarily restricting their intakes of sodium and suffering with symptoms of deficiency - such as low energy, muscle cramps and headaches. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I strongly believe that a healthy diet should be based on real whole foods and include good quality sources of sodium.

Sam Gash

Mum, Adventurer, Endurance Athlete, Speaker, Podcast Host
Sodii is a packet of electrolyte power that allows you to sustain your movement through distance, adverse weather conditions or when you need to take your body to the edge. Additionally it’s not just athletes that reduce their performance capabilities due to a deficiency in salt - electrolytes more broadly supports everyday people to support their active lifestyle.

Health Coach Kait

Low Carb Health Coach
Sodii's Everyday Hydration Salts have been a much needed addition to my daily routine. It can be difficult to get enough electrolytes, and sodium specifically, when eating a low carb diet but Sodii is the solution! They salts are especially helpful when I am intermittent fasting, allowing me to reach my fasting goal with ease. Especially during the summer when we lose more electrolytes in the heat, I think everyone should be taking Everyday Hydration Salts.

Tom Moore

Founder of Built Strength
Salt is a crucial factor of strength training, often overlooked. Staying hydrated comes down to preventing deficiency, where sweating combined with reduced water and electrolyte intake impairs exercise performance, can cause cramping, and impacts recovery. Optimising salt intake is critical for nerve conduction, where enough salt means faster muscle firing and muscle fiber contraction. Faster nerve signaling also translates to faster nutrient uptake in the muscle, speeding up recovery between sets.

Not all electrolytes are created equal

Most electrolyte products available don't contain enough key electrolytes to truly feel the difference of proper hydration.

Sodii contains 4x the amount of electrolytes than most products in Australia, making it the most effective electrolyte on the market.


1000mg Sodium

210mg Potassium

70mg Magnesium

Sports Drinks

< 180mg Sodium

< 89mg Potassium

0mg Magnesium

Most Electrolyte Powders

< 300mg Sodium

<150mg Potassium

20mg Magnesium

Coconut Water

64mg Sodium

500mg Potassium

60mg Magnesium

Mixed combo pack

Build your own mixed box

Choose from all our flavours. Tubs and sachets available.

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Salty Reviews

Australia's highest rated electrolyte product

Customer Reviews

Based on 1448 reviews
Sharon W. (QLD)
Sample packs

A great way, as a first time sodii consumer, to decide which flavours are the best for me. My fave - citrus and passionfruit!!

Laura (VIC)
Will be a lifetime customer - great for POTS

Really love Sodii. Had it recommended by my physio as I’ve been experiencing POTS symptoms and Sodii has way more sodium that competitors, and a good dose of magnesium which is good for my body. So tasty! Not too salty at all. I think the raspberry is my favourite flavour, I also really enjoyed the pineapple flavour. Honestly such a great way to get your electrolytes in it’s tasty and mixes well and really effective. I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I’ve been having Sodii sachets in my water every day.

Nat (NSW)
Love taking my Sodii daily!

I love using Sodii daily! Its made a big difference in my energy levels.

Ally B. (QLD)

I like that they are not overly sugary tasting like normal electrolytes!!
Will definitely purchase again :)

Lilly (NSW)
Very Berry

Tastes amazing with just only 300m of water 🤩

alisa (SA)
Tastes good

Easy to drink and have noticed a difference in my energy level already