Everyday Hydration Salts

A new standard of purposefully salty hydration drink mix. Made with natural ingredients, less than 0.5g sugar per serve and the key electrolytes you need to thrive. Deliciously sweet and salty hydration. True hydration starts here.

  • 1000mg sodium
  • 210mg potassium
  • 70mg magnesium

  • Less than 0.5g sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
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Format: Sachets
Flavour: Salty Pineapple
Pack: 30 Sachets
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Vital to both human performance and survival. regulates body fluids, normal nerve and muscle function along with the absorption of all other minerals.

Sodii uses a sodium chloride (salt) sourced from an ancient salt lake, known as Lake Deborah in Western Australia.



Maintains fluid balance in blood plasma, cells and extracellular fluid. Key to nerve signalling, muscle contractions and maintenance of blood pressure.

Sodii uses a potassium chloride. A common form of potassium known for its absorption.



Essential to many physiological functions in humans, including the body's ATP energy system, muscle contraction, relaxation and neurological function.

Sodii uses a highly bioavailable form known as magnesium glycinate.

Made with Australian ancient lake salt

Lake Deborah Salt

We source our salt from Lake Deborah Pure Lake Salt from Western Australia. Lake Deborah is a +5 million year old salt lake, free from modern contaminants such as micro-plastic and air pollution and rich in trace minerals.

5 million years old

Naturally formed

Lake Deborah has evolved over the last five million years by westerly winds carrying dissolved salt minerals in sea spray 500 km inland and depositing them in old river valleys. Free from modern pollutants, these preserved salt deposits at Lake Deborah are created naturally by the Wind, the Rain and the Sun.

Salt in it's purest form

In winter, rain dissolves part of the lake’s crust and draws brine to the surface.

As the summer sun evaporates the brine, a new crop of salt crystals form on the surface of the lake. When all the water content of the brine has evaporated and the new season's crop of white salt crystals have dried, the salt crystals are harvested from the dried surface of the lake.

Why Lake Deborah Salt?

High in trace minerals

As one of the most pure forms of salt, it’s is also high in trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iodine and calcium, all vital to human health and performance, making it the perfect salt for our Everyday Hydration Salts!

Low pollutants

The preserved salt deposits in Lake Deborah are produced naturally by the Wind, Rain, and Sun and are free of modern pollution. Due to its location away from civilisation, the ocean and harvesting techniques, our salt remains pollutant, micro-plastic and nasty chemical free

100% Australian

Located in Western Australia, it is one Australia's oldest and most pure forms of salt.

Backed by professionals

Don't just take our word about the importance of sodium.

Jessica Turton

Founder of Ellipse Health, Dietitian & Nutritionist
Sodium is an essential nutrient that we could not live without! Sodium is needed for hydration, energy production, digestion, nutrient absorption, reproduction, muscle function, bone health, and so much more! Many individuals are unnecessarily restricting their intakes of sodium and suffering with symptoms of deficiency - such as low energy, muscle cramps and headaches. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I strongly believe that a healthy diet should be based on real whole foods and include good quality sources of sodium.

Sam Gash

Mum, Adventurer, Endurance Athlete, Speaker, Podcast Host
Sodii is a packet of electrolyte power that allows you to sustain your movement through distance, adverse weather conditions or when you need to take your body to the edge. Additionally it’s not just athletes that reduce their performance capabilities due to a deficiency in salt - electrolytes more broadly supports everyday people to support their active lifestyle.

Health Coach Kait

Low Carb Health Coach
Sodii's Everyday Hydration Salts have been a much needed addition to my daily routine. It can be difficult to get enough electrolytes, and sodium specifically, when eating a low carb diet but Sodii is the solution! They salts are especially helpful when I am intermittent fasting, allowing me to reach my fasting goal with ease. Especially during the summer when we lose more electrolytes in the heat, I think everyone should be taking Everyday Hydration Salts.

Tom Moore

Founder of Built Strength
Salt is a crucial factor of strength training, often overlooked. Staying hydrated comes down to preventing deficiency, where sweating combined with reduced water and electrolyte intake impairs exercise performance, can cause cramping, and impacts recovery. Optimising salt intake is critical for nerve conduction, where enough salt means faster muscle firing and muscle fiber contraction. Faster nerve signaling also translates to faster nutrient uptake in the muscle, speeding up recovery between sets.

Not all electrolytes are created equal

Most electrolyte products available don't contain enough key electrolytes to truly feel the difference of proper hydration.

Sodii contains 4x the amount of electrolytes than most products in Australia, making it the most effective electrolyte on the market.


1000mg Sodium

210mg Potassium

70mg Magnesium

Sports Drinks

< 180mg Sodium

< 89mg Potassium

0mg Magnesium

Most Electrolyte Powders

< 300mg Sodium

<150mg Potassium

20mg Magnesium

Coconut Water

64mg Sodium

500mg Potassium

60mg Magnesium

Mixed combo pack

Build your own mixed box

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 different flavours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 701 reviews
Jenny (SA)
Essential hydration salts

Water is vital for health, healing and life. Salt is the eternal medication. "You’re not sick, you’re thirsty!” by F Batmanghelidj is a book worth reading that explains the importance of hydrating the body and salt is essential. I believe that Sodii is an excellent product to include in this regime.

Adie J. (WA)
Such a good product!

Since I had sodii recommended I’ve not looked back. I tend to wake up a bit dehydrated and headachey and a sodii first thing really fixes me up.
Also brilliant during/after exercise, and very good if hungover!
All in all an amazing product that I now can’t do without.
Thanks sodii!

Ridia L. (NSW)
We love Sodii

I tried Sodii at a conference I wend to and ordered some online. My family loved the taste of the Salty citrus and it’s a bonus that it keeps us well hydrated. I tried the sachets but now now I just keep a tub at home and at work.

Rachel (WA)
Actually tastes good

Really enjoying the taste of the product

K.M. (VIC)

When I first heard about salty drinks like this I was a little skeptical. I was sure I was going to hate the taste. However, being a POTs sufferer I needed something to boost my hydration so I ordered sample packs from a couple of different companies.

I'm glad I did because Sodii has been a life saver. I am more hydrated than ever and the taste really isn't that bad once you are used to it. I have a 2 litre bottle with me all day every day and I usually fill it in the morning with cold water and 2 Sodii packets. I will then top it up during the day and add another Sodii packet as I go. I often mix the flavours too which is good for a change. My favourite flavour would have to be Pineapple though. If I could give Sodii 10 stars I would. Highly recommend to anyone that needs to boost hydration for any reason.

Funny story; I had left my bottle on the table and my son decided to have a sneaky sip not realising it was Sodii water. The look on his face said it all. Haha. It is quite salty when you are not expecting it.

Natasha g. (VIC)

I’ve tried a few different brands with similar products and this has to be my fave! Great tasting!